TinyCAD 3.00

Create and edit circuit diagram designs
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Draw and modify schematic drawings as well as PCB layout programs and SPICE simulation netlists. Work with presets for connectors, microcontrollers, semiconductors, and batteries, customize the design elements, check for errors or integrity breaks, etc.

TinyCAD allows you to design basic or complex electrical or electronic circuit diagrams. It has 755 symbols distributed in 42 libraries which include digital logic-gate circuits, connectors, analog circuits, microcontrollers, discrete components, electromechanical components, passive components, power sources, semiconductors, integrated circuits, mechanical symbols, and more. Each library can be edited, better yet, you can add your own symbols and add more libraries (TClib, mdb, and idx libraries are supported). At the left of the TinyCAD Main Window you will see the list of libraries. When a symbol is selected, it will be shown at the left bottom of the main window, and can be inserted on the schematic sheet. You can use the filter option to search for components or symbols. After you have added the components of your circuit, you can wire them by using the Wire tool, clicking on the terminals of the components - junctions are automatically created. The program automatically checks for duplicated references, unconnected items, unassigned reference designators, and more. The program includes a "PCB Export" feature that allows you to export the netlist of your circuit in order to create a printed circuit board - output formats supported: TinyCAD, PADS-PCB, Eagle SCR, Protel, gEDA PCB, and XML. You can also export the image to clipboard and print your circuit.

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  • You can design and export circuit diagrams to PCB applications
  • You can edit the libraries, add more libraries, and add your own symbols
  • Circuit diagrams can be exported for PCB applications


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